SUSTech offers unprecedented opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work alongside the faculty to explore and tackle both fundamental and practical problems. 

As one of China's pioneering new research universities, SUSTech believes that learning and research go hand in hand.

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

The SUSTech Education Foundation consists of board of directors, board of supervisors and secretariat. The board of directors is the top of the power structure of the foundation; the board of supervisors is responsible to check finance and accounting information in accordance with law and regulations; secretariat is the standing administrative unit of the foundation, which is responsible to the daily work of the foundation under the leading of leaders in the board of directors.


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Since its official establishment on April 17, 2015, postgraduate school in Southern University of Science and Technology has actively explored the mode for postgraduate recruitment and training with macro guidance of national policy for postgraduate educational reform, the target of international high-level research university, based on the actual regional economic development in Shenzhen and the actual development in the university, insisting on the principle of diversification, high level and innovation, and has obtained powerful tutor teams, brilliant achievements in scientific research and innovative training mode.

    I. Powerful tutor teams. The university now has 131 teaching and research teachers all with doctorate and 60% with doctorate of globally famous universities. Teachers here are experienced to guide postgraduates and over half of the teachers have acted as postgraduates' tutor in famous universities from home and abroad. Before acting as tutors in South University of Science and Technology of China, they have cultivated 372 doctoral students and 364 master students as the independent tutor and the first tutor as well as 127 postgraduates as the second tutor and the joint tutor. As for experts, we have 2 academicians, 2 double hired academicians and other 77 experts in Peacock Plan in Shenzhen. In addition, we have 50 personnel who are included in "thousand" (including the "one thousand youth" plan) plan, accounting for over 30% of total teaching and research personnel which is the largest proportion in the nation.

    II. Brilliant achievements in scientific research. The SUSTC has obtained 142 research missions from 2012 to 2014 with scientific research funds more than 200 million Yuan. The National Natural Science Foundation of China applied in 2014 was 84 items, of which 36 items were subsidized, ranking in the first of project funding rate in the whole country. The SUSTC has advanced scientific research equipments. The SUSTC has obtained big development on key interdiscipline of Materials Science and Engineering and Biological Sciences according to the requirement of “give priority to cross-disciplines and technique fusion” specified in the discipline development plan and now, there are 4 research centers and 4 municipal key laboratories are under construction. The teachers in SUSTC actively conduct scientific research based on the construction of scientific research platform; there are 482 papers published recently and 7 papers were published on the top international journal such as Nature and Science etc in 2014.

    III. Innovative training mode. The SUSTC closely follows the national reform of higher education and cooperates with the national education reform measures of “Two universities and One City”, conforms to the work main points of “further promote the examination enrollment policy reform” proposed by Ministry of Education in 2015; the SUSTC will play the leading and exploratory role in postgraduate enrollment system and cultivation and conduct the joint doctoral training program with overseas university. The overseas universities for cooperation in the first stage include Temple University, Hong Kong Baptist University and University of Macau. The program will conduct double-channel enrollment, double-school cultivation, double-tutor guidance, double-language teaching, double-certificate issuing based on two kinds of resources of domestic and overseas and will give students full scholarship, which make the students no concerns and achieve quality study.


 In addition, the joint training program of SUSTC with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and City University of Hong Kong has entered the detailed consultation stage and hopefully starts in the January of 2016.


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