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Oct 21, 2016 |

Notice: Precaution for the Super Typhoon Haima

October 20, 2016
Dear SUSTech members,
According to the latest news released on the evening of October 20 by Shenzhen Headquarter Office for Flood Control, Drought, Combating, Typhoon and Tide Prevention, the 22nd typhoon of the year Haima will make its landfall nearby Shenzhen around 2pm October 21. It is estimated to have major impact on the city and bring strong wind, heavy rainfall and huge waves. From the midnight of October 20, the typhoon emergency response system will be raised to the highest level (Grade I) throughout the city. In prevention of damages that super typhoon Haima may cause, please pay attention to the following instructions:
1. During the period of Grade I typhoon emergency response, SUSTech will close for one day. All elevated sections of metro, inbound and outbound railways to Guangzhou and Xiamen, flights and ferries will be suspended temporarily. Secondary schools, primary schools, kindergartens and nursery schools will close.
2. SUSTech will close all the sports facilities on October 21. It is advised to cancel any large group gathering indoor or outdoor and high-risk outdoor work such as working at heights. We will release another notice to announce the re-opening of the SUSTech swimming pool.
3. Please move to safe places or stabilize the objects on your balcony, such as clothes and flowerpots to avoid potential hazard to pedestrians caused by falling objects. Please keep doors and windows shut tightly and make sure that air conditioner, water dispenser and other electrical equipment be turned off. Please turn off all electrical equipment during thunderstorm to avoid damage caused by thunder strike. Please keep important documents and valuables away from the window to avoid unnecessary loss caused by leaking rain.
4. Please park your car in underground parking but not at low-lying areas or near any tree to avoid potential damage caused by flood or falling trees.
5. Please keep away from side slopes during typhoon to avoid potential danger caused by landslides.
6. Please try to avoid going outdoors during typhoon but prepare in advance sufficient drinking water and food, as well as supplementary lighting tools in case of power cutoff.
An emergency team will be on 24-hour duty during typhoon. In case of emergency or in needs of other services, you can reach us 24/7 at 0755-8801-0123(8-0123 if calling from campus line).
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Wish you all the bests with life and work.
SUSTech Campus Services


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