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The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile.

The undergraduate admission of SUSTech adopts comprehensive evaluation enrollment mode based on national college entrance examination.The graduate admission of SUSTech currently adopts joint training mode.

The SUSTech Education Foundation consists of board of directors, board of supervisors and secretariat. The board of directors is the top of the power structure of the foundation; the board of supervisors is responsible to check finance and accounting information in accordance with law and regulations; secretariat is the standing administrative unit of the foundation, which is responsible to the daily work of the foundation under the leading of leaders in the board of directors.


Introduction on Zhiren College

Purpose of establishment and history
Zhiren College, officially founded on September 9, 2011, is the first college of SUSTC. “Zhiren” is a classical treatment and education concept, sourced from the famous saying of “investigate things to obtain knowledge” in the Confucius classic “The Great Learning”. This Confucius idea was further developed by the well-known ideologist Wang Yangming in Ming Dynasty to depict the principle of scholarship of “Gewuzhizhi, Gexinzhiren”, which means “to constantly search for truths to reach thorough clarity”. Other colleges of SUSTC focus on training students with the idea of “Gewuzhizhi”, making them obtain knowledge and skills through teaching of professional knowledge; while Zhiren College emphasizes on training students with the idea of “Gexinzhiren”, expecting them to “rectify their minds, regulate their families, country and the world” through moral education, so as to attain benevolence.
The collegiate system management is the feature of SUSTC and also a core part of SUSCT in educational reform and implementing holistic education, which aims at training students for all-round development. Zhiren College undertakes the responsibility of cultivating students outside the classroom for specialized knowledge. It insists on moral education first and provides training, counseling and guidance for students outside the classroom, so as to supplement “teaching” with “moral cultivation” and then promote their multi-dimensional growth in cognition, morality, emotion and social insight. It creates a platform with close relationship and interactive communication for students and tutors in different grades and majors, so as to establish a friendly, colorful and challenging life and learning environment for students to train their abilities in interpersonal communication, expression and team leadership, promote a free, thorough, complete, harmonious and sustainable development in personal potentials and finally train them to be all-round talents with noble moral, good skills, international insights and social care, thus caring others and the society and having positive influence to our country and the world.
Framework of Zhiren College
Dean: Xu Baomin (academician of CAS, leading professor, director of academic board, chairman of professor committee and principal of Physics Department)
Assistant dean for academic affairs: Chen Fangyi (professor, principal of Materials Science and Engineering Department, recipient of the third batch of One-Thousand Young Talents Project of the organization department of the CPC central committee, in charge of academic affairs)
Assistant dean for administrative affairs: Bao Chuanwen (in charge of administrative affairs)
Tutors: 31 in total, consisting of chair professors, professors, associate professors and assistant professors of each major in each department (by October of 2015)
College counselors: Tao Xiaoyue, Li Zhaoting, Qin Chenfang
Introduction on tutor system
Zhiren College adopts the tutor system. This system is a pattern of teaching students outside the classroom, which is complementary to classroom teaching and able to influence and edify students through the practice of tutors, giving students overall guidance and help on their lives and academic and occupational planning. Its tutor team consists of college tutors, social mentors and seniors.
1. College tutors: held by chair professors, professors, associate professors and assistant professors of each major in each department of SUSTC, each of who guides about twelve students. As the “2+2” teaching mode is adopted for undergraduates here, they could select the majors they desire in the third academic year since entrance, with overall guidance and help on making them adapt the university life, exploring their interests, selecting suitable courses and majors primarily provided in the first and second academic years. It had 36 tutors in total by September of 2013, and the number is increasing.
2. Social mentors: held by celebrities from all walks of life appointed by the college, aiming at providing aperiodic guidance on students’ life and occupational planning and enriching their life experience and social insights through experience sharing.
3. Seniors: organize excellent seniors to communicate and share with juniors to promote the mutual support between them and realize self-improvement in life and communication.
Training of Students
Zhiren College carries out the holistic education through college courses, lectures, sharings and co-curriculums. It sets up some academic lectures, interest lectures, sharings and abundant co-curriculums in foreign language, music and sports. In addition, it establishes the Zhiren Lecture, Zhiren Salon and carries out tutor sharings and invites some experts or scholars in and around it for professional knowledge exchange and life experience sharing; opens interest courses in Chinese folk music, vocal music, Japanese, etc. to enrich students’ knowledge in such aspects; holds some theme activities such as arts festival, sports meeting, teacher-student collective birthday party, etc. to promote the communication among students and improve their abilities in organization and leadership; organizes association activities such as science & technology production house, college baking room, etc. to improve students’ operational ability and increase their life fun. It also assigns some tutors, counselors, class advisers, psychological counselors and dorm masters to provide all-round guidance and service for students. 
Core Values of Zhiren College 
1. “Love”, is to inherit and advocate the cultural tradition that “benevolence means to love others”. Zhiren College focuses on cultivating the “sense of love” and improving the “ability of love” to introduce aesthetics and arts into education and then build the feature of “considerate and humane”. 
2. “Responsibility”, is to enhance the independence, creativity and participation, which aims at increasing the sense of responsibility and obligation through abundant activities and meticulous organizations.


Staffs of Zhiren College

Dean: Xu Baomin

Assistant dean for 
academic affairs: 
  Chen Fangyi 

Assistant dean for 
administrative affairs:
 Bao Chuanwen 


Tao Xiaoyue

Li Zhaoting

Qin Chenfang


Official Account of Zhiren
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