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Welcome Message

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Welcome from the Dean



The name of “Zhiren” is sourced from the famous saying of “investigating things to obtain knowledge” in the well-known Confucian classic “The Great Learning”, which means to “constantly search for the truth to reach the thorough clarity”.
Zhiren College, the oldest college in SUSTC, lives and develops together with SUSTC. We adhere to the concept of “cultivating minds to obtain benevolence” and build ourselves on preaching and good conduct, so as to carry out education in life and then try our best to create a growth environment for cultivating your humanistic spirit, edifying your sentiment, developing your interests and building your characters, thus guiding students to obtain the all-round development in personality, mind and body, moral, insight, experience, etc.  
So far, we have opened some Zhiren Lectures, Zhiren Salon, Tutor Sharings, etc. and invited some experts and scholars in and around our college for exchange in professional knowledge and sharing in life experience; opens interest courses in Chinese folk music, vocal music, Japanese, etc. to enrich students’ knowledge in such aspects; holds some theme activities such as arts festival, sports meeting, teacher-student collective birthday party, etc. to promote the communication between teachers and students and improve their abilities in organization and leadership; organizes association activities such as science & technology production house, college baking room, etc. to improve students’ operational ability and increase their life fun. 
Welcome to Zhiren College! On behalf of all my colleagues, I sincerely welcome you to join our college and wish you to study pleasantly and grow healthily here and obtain both skills and good moral, and I eagerly look forward to your growth and development here. Let’s join hands to grow together and then have a best kind of college life that is the warmest and the most memorable in your lives. 
Please come and join us! Enjoy the life here!  


July 29, 2015

Staffs of Zhiren College

Dean: Xu Baomin

Assistant dean for 
academic affairs: 
  Chen Fangyi 

Assistant dean for 
administrative affairs:
 Bao Chuanwen 


Tao Xiaoyue

Li Zhaoting

Qin Chenfang


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