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User’s Guide for eduroam@SUSTech rev.1


Part 1Activate your eduroam service @ SUSTech

Following the eduroam society convention, the service account name(identity) is in email address style. Here at SUSTech, university-assigned email address is used as personal eduroam identity. You just need to activate the service and set a password beforehand.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit selfservice website, Enter CAS(Central Authentication Service) username and password to login. If you are already in CAS login status, no need to login again, the service page will be presented directly.
  2. You will see the “Account Activation” page, confirm the account name (university-assigned personal mailbox) is shown correctly(if anything wrong, please contact IT Services for correction). 

Choose your eduroam service password and input twice, click the button “Activate” and it is done.

For the sake of security, you are recommended to click button “Logout” on the top-right corner to quit CAS login status.


Part 2Access Internet via eduroam


On desktop, as illustrated in Windows 7

Click on the wireless icon in the taskbar and select “Network and Sharing Center”, then “Manage Wireless Networks”.

If eduroam is not already listed, click on “Add”, otherwise right-click on eduroam and then “Properties”.

Click on “Add” and enter eduroam as Network name. For Security type select “WPA2-Enterprise and Encryption type AES”.

Proceed with “Next” and in the following window select “Change Connection Settings”.

Choose the “Security”-tab and adjust settings as the screenshot below.

Then click on button “Settings” next to “Microsoft: Protected EAP(PEAP)”.

On the popup windows, untick “Validate server certificate”.

Click on “Configure…” and untick the checkbox “Automatically use my Windows logon name”.

Click on “OK”.

On the window returned, click the button “Advanced settings”. Ensure that “Specify authentication mode” is ticked and “User authentication” is selected.

Now you are ready to establish the connection.

Go to the wireless icon in the taskbar and click on the eduroam network.

Enter your credentials(as set in the previous service activation step), and you are connected.


On mobile phone, as illustrated in Android

Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings window: Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi Settings:

Choose Wi-Fi network eduroam(if this access point does not show up, perhaps eduroam service not available at this site, please contact local network administrator).


Select for “EAP-Method”: PEAP and for “Phase 2 Authentication”: MSCHAPV2

For “Identity” and “Password”, input your SUSTech eduroam service account settings.

For “CA cerfiticate” and “Anonymous identity”, leave them empty.

After that press Connect and you are connected.

Part 3Selfservice Webpage and Trouble Shooting

If failed to access eduroam while WiFi settings are confirmed correct, you may test the authentication process online. Just login with CAS:

Under “Authentication Test” section, enter your eduroam service password and click the button “Test”. A service authentication process will be carried out and the feedback reported.

On the same webpage, you might also reset service password. Sometimes you may want to disable eduroam service, setting up a complex password will keep your account from being abused unexpectedly.

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