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Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering-Shenzhen Management Committee Established

Aug 29, 2018 Latest News

Sunday, August 26, saw the inaugural meeting of the Management Committee of the Institute for Quantum Science and Engineering-Shenzhen (IQSE-SZ) at Shenzhen Talent Park. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Vice President Tang Tao, and Shenzhen Science and Technology Commission Director Liang Yongsheng attended the conference. More than ten well-known experts and scholars in the field of quantum science and engineering research were also invited to attend. The meeting was hosted by Tang Tao. Liang Yongsheng announced the establishment of the IQSE-SZ Management Committee and the members of the Committee.

Member of the management committee

Liang Yongsheng said in his speech that the establishment of the IQSE-SZ Management Committee would further integrate Shenzhen's information, technology, and policy advantages. He also said that it would accelerate the promotion of the basic and application layout of high-tech such as quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum materials. Top talents would be introduced to the institutions and research centers where they could invent and innovate in Shenzhen. These top talents would thereby be actively supporting Shenzhen universities, research institutes, and enterprises to participate in scientific and technological cooperation at both the international and domestic level. The IQSE-SZ promotes the rapid development of the quantum information industry structure, by focusing on the construction of an information industry system with Shenzhen characteristics, and accelerating the promotion of economic and social well-being.

Deputy Head Nanshan District Xie Bingwen and Deputy Head of Longhua District Chen Jianmin both said that they would do a good job in developing IQSE-SZ.

Awarding of certificates

President Chen Shiyi spoke at the meeting. He said that quantum information technology is the development direction of the information industry in the future and has great application prospects and social and economic value. IQSE is located at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and is an important foundation for the advancement of scientific development. SUSTech will continue to support the Institute and provide for its solid and reliable development.

Academician Yu Dapeng from the Department of Physics at SUSTech gave a detailed introduction to the background, scientific research progress, achievements, and future prospects of the Institute. It is expected that the Institute will have extensive exchanges with other quantum institutions, both within China and around the world. Deep cooperation and resource sharing can lead to IQSE-SZ becoming a world-class quantum scientific research institution and an innovative highland of quantum technology and engineering.

The Institute focuses on four main research directions:

  • Quantum communication;
  • Quantum computing;
  • Quantum materials; and
  • Quantum engineering applications.

With the strong support of Shenzhen Municipal Government and Southern University of Science and Technology, IQSE has successfully established several research entities such as the Institute of Quantum Materials, the Institute of Quantum Computation, and the Quantum Devices and Chip Processing Center. The scientific research platforms are all at the international first-class level.

 IQSE-SZ has made substantial scientific research achievements in its short existence. In 2018, it has published more than 40 papers and many international first-class journal articles. IQSE has also been successful in attracting researchers to its facilities, with more than 80 staff from China and all over the world conducting ground-breaking research. The staff includes full-time researchers, part-time professors, research professors/engineers, post-doctoral and administrative staff, making IQSE-SZ a new force in quantum science research in China.

Background information:

On November 5th, 2016, the Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering (IQSE) of Southern University of Science and Technology was unveiled and saw the commencement of quantum science development in Shenzhen. In 2017, Shenzhen launched the Ten Actions Plans for Scientific and Technological Innovation and listed quantum science as one of the “Top Ten Basic Research” directions. On October 28, 2017, IQSE was unveiled, and work of the Institute started to advance steadily. In January 2018, IQSE-SZ was listed for construction, and Shenzhen entered a new journey of quantum science development.

Contributed by: Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

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